Paintings II

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September 1937

Oil on celotex

Berkeley, University Art Museum, University of California. Gift of Julian J. and Joaquim Jean Aberbach.



Tête (Head)


Oil and turkish towel glued and painted on celotex

Barcelona, Fundació Joan Miró.

RED_580 Successió Miró Archive .jpg


Peinture-poème (Painting-Poem)

April 1938

Oil and handwritten inscription on canvas

London, the trustees on the Tate Gallery. Purchase, 1983.

RED_581 .jpg


Nocturne (Nocturne)

April 1938

Oil on cardboard

United States, private collection.



Portrait II (Portrait II)

June 11, 1938

Oil on canvas

Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Miró dation to the Spanish State, 1985.

RED_587 Successió Miró Archive .jpg


Portrait IV (Portrait IV)

June 1938

Oil on canvas

Collection Samuel and Ronnie Heyman.

RED_592 .jpg


Groupe de personnages (Group of Figures)

July 12, 1938

Oil on canvas

Private collection.

RED_594 .jpg


Personnages devant la lune (Figures in Front of the Moon)

July 16, 1938

Oil on canvas

Private collection.

RED_595 .jpg


Figure devant la mer (Figure in Front of the Sea)

August 1, 1938

Oil on canvas

Japan, Shizuoka, Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art.

RED_599 .jpg


Groupe de personnages (Group of Figures)

October 17, 1938

Oil on canvas

Private collection.

RED_601 .jpg


L'Échelle (The Ladder)

October 24, 1938

Oil and pencil on cardboard

Private collection.

RED_607 .jpg


Femme assise II (Seated Woman II)

February 27, 1939

Oil on canvas

Venice. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

RED_616 .jpg


Femme et oiseau dans la nuit (Woman and Bird in the Night)

August 28, 1939

Oil on canvas

Private collection.

RED_620 .jpg


Femme se coiffant (Woman Combing Her Hair)

November 1939

Oil on burlap

Chicago, Alsdorf collection.

RED_621 .jpg


Personnages et oiseau devant le soleil (Figures and Bird in Front of the Sun)

November 1939

Oil on burlap laid down on pannel

Private collection.

RED_625 .jpg


Personnages et oiseaux dans la nuit (Figures and Birds in the Night)

December 1939

Oil on burlap

Private collection.

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