ADOM, (Association pour la Défense de l'œuvre de Joan Miró), was created on 30th January 1985 with the purpose to protect, develop and promote knowledge of the works of the artist.

Its committee is composed by seven members, among which are the painter´s descendants and the leading specialists on Miró’s work, presided by Ariane Lelong-Mainaud, and the Vice Presidency of Joan Punyet Miró.

This committee meets regularly to establish the authenticity of the works that it receives. It issues authenticity certificates and takes pertinent legal action against forgeries, imitations, and other fraudulent practices that might harm Joan Miró’s oeuvre.

To obtain a certificate of authenticity, the owner must present the original work to the committee. The fee for opening the dossier is of 200 € + taxes.

The price for an authentication certificate varies, according to the technique and the work’s relevance: for paintings, sculptures and ceramics the price is of 2000 Euros. For works on paper, the prices vary between 700, 1000 or 2000 Euros, depending on the piece’s importance.

Taxes are not included in the price (20% TVA in France).

For informational purposes, here you can read ADOM Terms and Conditions.

For the authentication of graphic works, lithographs, prints, etc., one must contact Rosa Maria Malet, the expert of the Fundació Miró de Barcelona, who certifies the authenticity of the painter’s print work.

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