Terms & Conditions
Successió Miró's basic conditions for the rental of images

1. Format

Digital image or high resolution

2. Fees

Rental of digital image:120 Euros
Rental of digital image outside Spain: 150 Euros

* The corresponding VAT of 21% will be applied to this amount, except on requests from outside Spain.

3. Purpose of rental of image

It is important to specify if the image is strictly for private use or for other purposes. If it is intended for a publication, title of the publication, editor and date of publication as well as language and countries of distribution must be duly specified.

* Two copies of the publication must be sent within one month of publication date.

4. Use of the images

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce the images ceded except those indicated by the petitioner in the section “Purpose of the Picture Rental” of the application form. In any event, prior authorization by Successió Miró will be needed in order to make subsequent or new use of the acquired image. Otherwise, this would be considered a breach of the intellectual property rights and construed as a criminal offense, under the Art. 270 and 271 of the Spanish Criminal Code.

Fragmentation, overprint or any type of alteration of the original work without Successió Miró's authorization is absolutely prohibited, given that it's a moral right that solely and exclusively belongs to Successió Miró.

Under no circumstances is it allowed to make copies of the digital archives in high resolution, loan, cede, rent, sell, or sublease them to third parties, or disseminate via the Internet.

The petitioner agrees to destroy all the ceded files in high resolution within 90 days of receipt. Use of the images will be limited to a period of time, which will be indicated on the invoice next to the item rented.

If it is a Spanish publication, contact must be made directly with Successió Miró. If it is for publication abroad, the copyrights application must be forwarded to the pertinent societies in charge of Joan Miró's copyrights, depending on the country of origin. (E.g. FRANCE – GERMANY – SWITZERLAND – ITALY – UNITED STATES – JAPAN, GREAT BRITAIN...)

All the applications that are managed abroad through the pertinent societies are forwarded to Successió Miró, which ultimately decides on the matter.

5. Payment Method

Once the application form has been filled out online, Successió Miró will forward the invoice, which will have to be paid in advance via a wire transfer. As soon as Successió Miró CB receives proof of payment the required image will be sent.