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This website was designed to provide the basic information necessary to, on one hand, get to know the activities of the Successió Miró, and on the other simplify the process of applying for permission to rent or reproduce a work by Joan Miró.

Successió Miró is an entity formed by the heirs to the estate of Joan Miró which administrates the rights of the artist's works.

The heirs are the exclusive holders of these rights until 2063, in accordance with the Spanish intellectual property laws (intellectual property law of 1987). Since these heirs are the sole copyright holders of the works of the artist, they are in charge of preventing any imitation, fragmentation or any other fraudulent use.

Successió Miró is governed directly by the laws of Spain. The French organization ADAGP is responsible for the handling of the rights in all other countries outside of Spain.

Successió Miró does not give expert assessments, valuations, appraisals or studies of works by Joan Miró or those attributed to the artist.